Clock Tender

Clock Tender
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Now that you have your old auto clock running, you want to keep it that way! The unfortunate fact of the matter is that these old clock have mechanical movements and points, and they do wear out. These clock movements usually have a service life of only a few years. What I suggest is that you not let the clock wear itself out when you are not driving or showing the car. Why let the clock run and run when the car is not being used. You could disconnect the electrical source and let the clock just run down and stop, but that's not good for the clock either. It needs to be run from time to time to keep on running well. What to do?

We offer a Clock Tender that electrically activates (and exercises) the clock for about 5 minutes once every 4 hours. That means that over the course of a 24-hour day the clock only runs for about a half hour. The movement and points will last for years at this rate of use.