Welcome to Classic Auto Electric where we specialize in electrical services and products for classic automobiles from the 1920's through the 1960's.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I have been building and repairing automobile radios and clocks since the 1960's, when many of these classic cars were still pretty new.

I am a big fan of classic cars and motorcycles (this is my 1930 Model A Ford coupe). I am a professor of Automobile Restoration Technology at McPherson College, in McPherson, Kansas (I teach automotive electronics and electrical systems in particular). If you are a fan of classic cars and you are not familiar with McPherson College you may want to check us out on the web at www.mcpherson.edu. McPherson College is the only college in the United States offering a 4-year bachellor's degree in Auto Restoration Technology.

I am an electrical engineer by trade, with a degree in Electrical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University. I have held amateur radio (K4ELF) and commercial radio-telephone licenses issued by the FCC since the 1960's.

My goal is to provide the highest possible quality of service and creative products to the classic car community.


Classic Auto Electric, LLC
401 N. Carrie Street
McPherson, KS 67460

Telephone: 620-241-6927



Contact me by telephone or email before sending radios or clocks for repair. Be sure to package your stuff well enough that it will not be damaged in shipment. Remember that shipping can be hard and package accordingly. I will use the same packing when I return the radio or clock to you.

Repair times will usually run two or three weeks, depending on what parts and materials are needed for the repair.