iPOD/MP3 AM Radio Converter (Gizmo)

iPOD/MP3  AM Radio Converter (Gizmo)
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Product Description

Once you have the AM radio up and working in your classic auto you quickly discover that there is not much to listen to on the AM bands. What you would like to listen to is the play list from your iPOD or iPHONE, or the music from any MP3 player, or FM radio -- but there is no way to get that on your AM radio. Until Now!

We offer an AM converter that will accept the audio signal from any device that has an audio (headset) output and relay that to your AM radio. The converter, which I call the "AM Gizmo" connects to your radio through the antenna jack. All you need to do is plug this in where the antenna would normally go, and you have the ability to "transmit" your iPod, iPhone, MP3, or remote FM radio to your AM radio. Pretty neat!